Friday, July 8, 2011

Elimination Communication

I wish I had heard about this 3 years ago. The link goes to an awesome blog post about it.

And here is a video. I love how Brits say "wee" instead of "pee".. how cute is that?

My daughter, when she is laying down in the bed, starts kicking a foot...
I started paying attention after I first saw this video.. and it really is true. I still use cloth diapers, disposable diapers, training panties.. and E.C.
Everyone has their own way of potty training.. and I'm not here to say there is a right way or wrong way. I will elaborate more on this subject maybe during afternoon nap. It's a subject that ALL moms have something to say about. I get the question, "how did you potty train?".. often. So, in my next post about it I will answer that question.


  1. I think EC is interesting. I definitely see the value in it. I can definitely tell when Liam is going #2. He has a "poop" face. However, I never notice when he wees yet.

  2. I WISH I knew about this before Isabela was born! I had no clue, until I met a friend whose daughter was "potty trained" before she was 1.

    It makes complete sense....With my next one, I will definitely be doing this.

    oh, I Just read this blog post and thought you might find it interesting:
    I really found I resonated with the little girl in the post


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