Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Are You Serious?

                      My son can draw all of the sudden.

  I got him all set up to draw. He said that he was going to draw a smiley face.. I moved on to get Abby set up..and look over at Gavin and he said "and then the eyebrows..." and I saw he had the whole head drawn except the eyebrows. And he said, "he looks a little mad." and i asked if he could give him a body and he did! Then he added the drink and the snack. He said that "the dude has a drink and a snack." And that's his name at the top, but he didn't know what his name was. :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Saw this on Facebook

"I don't believe in God," said the dentist.

"Why?" I asked.

"How could God exist and allow so much suffering & pain in the world?"

He looked confused, so I asked "If there are dentists in the world, why do so many people have BROKEN, INFECTED,& MISSING TEETH?"

"Well, I can't help anyone who does not come to me to have their teeth fixed!" he said.


(such a good point.)


An old man sold toys in the Baghdad market. Knowing that his sight was not quite perfect, his customers sometimes paid him with fake money.

The old man discovered the ruse, but did not say anything.
In his prayers he asked God to forgive those who cheated him.
“Perhaps they’re short of money and want to buy presents for their children,” he said to himself.
The time passed and the old man died. Standing before the gates of Heaven, he prayed once more:

- Lord! – he said. – I am a sinner. I did many wrong things, I am no better than the false coins I was paid. Forgive me!

At that moment the gates swung open and a Voice was heard:

- Forgive what? How can I judge someone who all through his life never once passed judgment on others?

Written by Paulo Coelho


Don't do it just because the previous generation did it.

"My mother used to cut the ends off the pot roast before cooking it. I asked her why and she said because her mother used to do it. So I went to my grandmother and asked her why she cut the ends off her pot roast, and she said because her mother used to do it. Finally, I visited my great grandmother and asked her why she used to cut the ends off the pot roast, and she said because the pan was too small." - Virginia W. Educated Parenting

more to come, i'm sure...

Monday, August 29, 2011

Pirate Day!

Friday night Gavin told me that he wanted "Pirate clothes." This is what I came up with. I don't mind that I am a fabric hoarder. It sure does come in handy. :)

I always have cardboard laying around, too. Wow, there is so much that can be done with cardboard! Oh, the possibilities. are. endless.

I love the face he makes with the eye patch on. In this picture, Abby has Smurfette wrapped up in a small piece of scrap material.

I made this white shirt first, but it seemed a little girly. So, we gave it to Abby.

Naptime came easy.
1st Pirate Day = Success.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


D week.. and review week.. were more like Unschool weeks.. the Dad around here is SO close to being finished getting our "classroom" ready.. we just kinda put things on hold because of my excitement.. We have, however, had a great 2 weeks.. Gavin wanted me to make him wings. So, i did.. Gavin and Abby have been painting a LOT.. We've been swimming. We went to visit Grandma and Grandpa.. We got Mario Cart for the Wii.. and Gavin is really starting to catch on. He's also been LOVING the "Free Draw" on I will add a link for that. :) Today I am going to make Gav a pirate costume, not for Halloween.. but just because he wants to be a pirate whenever, ya know? I will have to take a picture and put it on here. Oh! And we got him an Etch-a-Sketch! He saw it on a movie and later tried to describe what he saw.. He was trying so hard to tell me what he wanted, but I could NOT figure it out.. and then he said, "It's on Little Rascals. I'll show you." We went and fast forwarded through most of the movie until he yelled, "Stop! That!" It was an Etch-a-Sketch.. We couldn't find a big one, but we found a little one! And now he has that in his bible bag, too. It's perfect for church. It may not be normal in most churches, but in ours ... for the first hour families stay together..Yep, kids and all. Anyway, all is well... and Unschooling really does make a bunch of sense.. kids do lead the way in their education.. not that that's how it's gonna be around here or anything.. but I am open to the idea.. on days or weeks that I'm not feeling the whole school deal. I doubt that it's going to hurt them, especially because they are so young right now.. Gavin is not even 3 and a half, yet...

update oct. 2011
we no longer live at "dad's".. so, our classroom is the world, now. as it would have really been anyway. i will surely, soon have a good place to put up our dry erase board that the kids love so much.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Just Like Mine

                                                    C is for Carrying Case :)
                  I chose the alligator shirt.. because ya know? Jesus is coming back. Yay.

Gavin loves it so much, he slept with it last night. How awesome is that?

Cause to Celebrate :)

This is a big deal. I will put it in the list of links, too. I just wanted to make sure it got noticed.. is why I'm making a post about it. I like this lady and just discovered this blog this morning. I LOVE good news and that's exactly where that link will lead you.. ^^if you love good news, too, get to clicking! ^^  Enjoy!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Abby This Morning

 She's starting off the day pretty cute. :)
Notice the tent? That's where Gavin has slept the last 2 nights in celebration of C Week(camping). In this pic he is in there waking up. Abby wakes him up most every morning (if he doesn't get to her first) saying "Bubba?..... Bubba?...... hey, Bubba?..." 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

C is for Castle!

Annnd...... cut, couch, curtains, cardboard, cereal, etc.... 
I totally made a "castle" today. It's not finished because I ran out of hot glue.
If it lasts longer than a day, I will get some more and put the finishing touches on.

This was so easy and FUN. I really messed up on the stairs, though. But it doesn't matter.. I can fix it.. and of course, the kids don't care.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

B is for Ballet and Break dancing

This is the perfect video to introduce ballet to your boy. :)

OH MY! MUTE THE MUSIC ON THIS ONE. Sorry for anyone that has already listened to it. I didn't know. This must not be the same one I thought it was.. and until I find it.. just please mute.
This is one of many great videos of kids break dancing. And at this very moment Gavin is dancing his little heart out. He has combined ballet and break dancing. :) I should have known that was going to happen. :)