Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Have Not Blogged Lately

th5s 5s why!! 0y c60*4ter th5n2s 5t's f4nny t6 d6 th5s t6 0e. 5f 5t wasn't s6 c60*35cated t6 ty*e s6 that every6ne can read 5t.. 5 w643d!

this is why!! my computer thinks that it is funny to do this to me. if it wasn't so complicated to type so that everyone can read it.. i would!!

i would love to blog my little heart out, but it's not worth the effort.. it just adds to my current stress.

5f anyb6dy 2n6ws h6w t6 0a2e th5s st6*.. *3ease 3et 0e 2n6w!!


well, it took me a couple months, but i finally figured out that the number lock key was on. wow, i feel dumb. so glad that is over! now.. back to blogging just as soon as i have something interesting to say. give me a few days :)


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