Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Storytime @ Webster Parish Library

I love taking the kids to storytime! This was our first one at the Minden Library. Next time I will have to get a picture of everyone while the book is actually being read. :) I love, love, love that the book was about art today and that the kids got to paint. They paint often, but they never have while at a library before.
We found some other homeschool kids there, too. It gave me another chance to explain how cool it must be to be homeschooled... I'm sure they have storytime at traditional schools and all, but it has to more peaceful in this setting. less kids, less hustle and bustle, more fun :) They had a great time. We plan on being there every Wednesday from now on. The lady, I didn't catch her name, has been doing Storytime there for at least 10 years. That's how long those homeschool kids have been going up there. I am glad to have found something that is continuous and reliable. :)
There is an exceptionally good kid area that is all closed off from the main area of the library. So, the kiddos don't have to worry about being quiet in there. Also, there are awesome toys and, of course, TONS of books compared to the library in Homer, LA, where we actually live.
 I will say this, though: The cool kid computer that they have at the Claiborne Parish Library(Homer) is GREAT. Gavin LOVES it. Speaking of Storytime, I checked at the Homer library yesterday to see if they have one going on. Well, they used to, but it got bothersome for the lady that was doing it for a few different reasons. I couldn't talk to her because she wasn't there and won't be back until Monday. So, when Monday comes around I am going back up there and volunteering to organize it myself. The lady, Suzanne, that I did talk to, made it seem like she will probably say yes! That's exciting. Project.

Super glad Josslyn and her mommy, Jaime came with us!


our trip to Wal-Mart afterwards :)

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