Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Life Goes On

My family recently experienced a change of scenery having decided to move on from the marriage. I can't think of a better way to put it. :( The kids and I are doing good. It's taking some adjustments and I've been making some tough decisions. I have started making skirts for money. So, that's pretty cool. I totally have a waiting list. It's not long or anything. But I have high hopes that I can make a career out of it. Since the big move, I have had some difficulties finding activities for my kids to do. This area is like that. I tried my best to get a storytime going at the local library and they actually turned me down... even after I had made a wonderful outline for a year and was going to do it for free... and bring all the supplies we needed. That was a major let down. I was going to get Gavin into a Martial Arts class, but he has to be 4 and a half to do that. And.. well.. I thought about the rec center in Minden.. how it has an indoor pool. So, my idea was to take the kids there and play... maybe learn how to swim. BUT they are not allowed in the indoor pool. While we were there we did, however, get picture id's for them!! They loved that! Here is a couple pics from that day...
We didn't break out the bat and ball, but we did pretend to play some baseball. :)

Here are a couple pics from when we took our dog, Sebastian to the vet. He didn't make it in the pictures, but this Garfield like cat did. I think his name might be George.

My Mom and I took the kids to the fair.... She took much better pics than I did. These are mine..

And after A LOT of thinking... and Gavin begging... I put him in Pre-School.
:(  I am not too happy with this decision.. My heart is breaking. Yesterday was his second day. Here are some pics from his first day, Monday...

He started off pretty happy.

^ that's my favorite pic. I think that kid is going to be his best friend.

He found a cool car.. and was excited to figure out that the doors open.

Right after this one was taken, I gave him a hug and kiss and told him bye.

When I picked him up... He said, "The kids threw dirt in my mouth." He fell at lunch pretty badly.... enough to bleed. He said he didn't want to go back.
Of course, the second day came... I made him get up.. even though he said "I don't waaaaaanna goooooo to schooooooooooool! I wanna stay with yoooooooou!"
He kept this up...the teacher had to hold him back from following me when I left him... Then... in the car, Abby kept saying, "My brother. My brother. My brother," over and over again. And then I sobbed.
When I went to pick him up, there was a good report in his folder about how great he did with the other kids and how good his fine motor skills are for his age. Seriously, I think these people have it in their heads that he hasn't been around other kids his whole life because he has been "homeschooled." Geez. And I have to's going to be hard for me to receive "good job" reports...because I get the urge to be like, "Duh. I know, thanks," even though I know they are just doing their job.
Also, in the folder was a coloring page he did with one of my worst nightmares on it. The teacher wrote on there that he did such a good job trying to stay inside the lines. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can anyone tell I am having a hard time with this?
BUT at the end of the day he said he had fun at school. Good. Because it costs a bunch of money. I could be wrong, I am not that great at math, but with the amount of money that goes into that school... it seems there should be a swimming pool and a greenhouse. I told him that if he doesn't want to go back to school next year, he doesn't have to. I wonder what he will decide...

p.s. I typed this post @ 4 this morning... and now it's 8:10.. Gavin didn't say anything about not wanting to go to school this morning!!! :) YAY. He just walked right in there. The drop off went great. Score. I feel better now.

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