Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A list to go along with my current concerns

 Now.. in the teacher's defense... I have only assumed that she told Gavin to try to stay inside the lines. I don't know anything for sure... but..
link:I am super bothered by the whole staying in the lines nonsense and so is this guy.

The comments in this next link have many concerns of mine... and more so, many personal opinions.
link:Washing and Sanitizing Hands Numerous Times a Day
Germ-X was on Gavin's school supply list. I did not buy it. Instead, I got this hand sanitizer(link) and this hand soap.(link)

not really school related.. i don't know if they have highlights magazines @ school.. but we get Puzzle Buzz every month for Gavin at home.. and I have a concern or a theory.. Do y'all remember the What's Wrong? section? Think for a minute what effect that might have had on us... Seems to me that it trained us to always look for what's wrong.. spot the flaws in every situation maybe... And I haven't let Gavin do that section for this reason. I've been just turning the page and moving onto something else, but I guess I will actually start taking them out because the other stuff that is in there is fine. So, we will continue to get them. :) AND if it concerns you, too, my churchs' website has this: (link)Spot The Similarities Game. :)

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